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To begin, select “create a new appointment” from the portal below.

Hey YOU! Yes. You with the long, thick or curly hair or you are wanting a change. You should call us. This new online booking thing is really GREAT, but since your hair may require extra time to wash / dry / style / beautify we ask that you please call us directly to schedule your visit.Our online booking options may not provide enough time to give your hair the attention it needs potentially resulting in a necessary reschedule which none of us want! We look forward to chatting with you and seeing your beautiful hair soon!


If for any reason you need to cancel your appointment that was booked online, please call and notify us 24 hours before your service. At this time cancellations aren’t able to be made less than 48 hrs online.

Thank you for your understanding.

Some services are not available to book online. For a complete list of services, please visit the services drop down menu.

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