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Every Empire Service includes a signature Aveda Sensory Ritual

The best way for us to understand your hair needs is to see you.


Please come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists if you do not wish to commit to a full service appointment!  

Why the +

Prices vary depending on the level of education & experience of the stylist has obtained 

as well as the length, thickness, product & time needed to perfect your hair.


New Growth Roots only 75-120

Color Balance / Shine Treatment All-over color 80-140+

Medium Shoulder Length Add-on 40

Long Shoulder-underarm Add-on 50

Extra Long Beyond Add-on 60+


Partial Hilight Dimensional Color 85-140+
Full Hilight Dimensional Color 100-150+

Highlights & Base Color 100-200+

Progressive Balayage Color (ombre/sombre) 150-200+

Double process & Color correction on consultation




*includes shampoo blowdry


Studio Apprentice Stylist 40+
Creative Stylist 55+
Master Stylist  70+

Artistic Directors 95+



Blow Dry & Style 35-70

Special Occasion Style by consultation




Studio Apprentice Stylist 27+
Creative Stylist 35+
Master Stylist  45+

Artistic Directors 56+

Barber 45+


One hundred percent plant & flower derived treatments to strengthen, protect, and beautify the hair and scalp. Improves damaged hair up to 84% with the power of quinoa protein and sugar beet derived amino acid, leaving strands strong, supple and healthy. Our stylists will help you choose the right treatment for your needs. Add this on to any service or a blow-dry.






Why we choose Philocaly


We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with the highest quality hair available. Our major advantage lies in the type of hair we use in the production of our extensions. Philocaly only uses single donor, remy, cuticle intact, Russian hair, whereas our competitors use Indian or Asian hair. Russian hair is known as the most premium hair available within the extension industry which is why we refuse to use anything else. Indian and Asian hair is far coarser than Russian hair and does not blend as well with Caucasian hair texture. 


Furthermore, unlike our competitors, we use no silicone coating or harsh chemicals on our hair extensions. Silicone has the ability to make poor quality extensions appear shiny and healthy, when in reality they are quite the opposite. Silicone is a temporary fix given the coating washes out after only a few shampoos. Once the silicone coating is gone, the hair returns to its unruly, dry and tangled state. We are extremely proud of the product we offer and have nothing to hide, which is why Philocaly extensions never come in contact with silicone. Silicone also makes toning and colouring extensions extremely difficult given the dye needs to penetrate through a layer of silicone to reach the hair. This often leads to an extremely uneven result. Philocaly extensions colour and cut just like natural hair, given this is exactly what they are- naturally fabulous hair! Given these advantages, our extensions have a life span of 8-12 months (or more) depending on care, which our competitors can not match. 


I would also like to note that Philocaly application differs slightly from other brands of extensions. Most tape-in extensions are very gloopy and the tabs are quite large. Philocaly tabs are very thin, for easy concealment and more comfortable wear. Our tabs are not gloopy so that your clients are never left with residue or damage. Because of both of these factors, no larger than 1/8 of an inch sections are recommended in-between the tabs. The section of the hair should be translucent and you must be able to see the tape between the hair sections to ensure the tabs properly adhere together. If application is done properly, our tabs hold like a stage 5 clinger and the tabs will remove with no residue whatsoever. 




Initial Installation: $100  ( 2 packages )

$50 per additional Package

Blending is included in this price.

Refresh: $150 within 6 weeks

Removal: $50 - $75

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