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Style & color Customized to you & professionally mixed for your unique individual qualities
No two colors are the same

individuality, authenticity and real beauty.
Everyone is welcome



The way we have traditionally booked service offerings has been enhanced, based on hair lengths and types vs gender. 

Empire is proudly committed to providing positive, gender-affirming services for LGBTQ2S+ clients and offer a safer space

For many in our communities asking for a haircut that is not traditionally associated with our sex as assigned at birth is a scary and difficult experience.

Our communities are wonderfully expressive and inclusive but often  that wonderful happy transformation becomes an inaccessible experience.  


We are learning and ever evolving & growing.

We want every experience at Empire to be a positive one so that everyone leaves feeling like they are ready to take on the world.

And we are passionate about creating that inclusive environment. 


The best way for us to understand your hair needs is to see you. Every Empire Service includes a signature Aveda Sensory Ritual


Please come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists if you do not wish to commit to a full service appointment!  

Why the +

Prices vary depending on the level of education & experience of the stylist has obtained 

as well as the length, thickness, product & time needed to perfect your hair.


HAIRCUT 45| Clipper cuts, pixie cuts, or short cuts above the ear $35-75+

Clipper cuts, pixie cuts, or short cuts above the ear Includes Aveda stress relieving ritual, shampoo, haircut & minimal styling. For those looking for a pixie, clipper cut or an above the ear style.

HAIRCUT 60| STANDARD HAIRCUT, Trim or Dusting $50-100+

Includes Aveda Stress Relieving Ritual, Shampoo, Haircut, Blow Dry & Aveda Finishing Touch Great for existing Guests with hair below their ears to shoulders and "Trim" Freshening

HAIRCUT 75| NEW CLIENTS, or long/thick hair, or big changes $65-115+

NEW CLIENTS, or long/thick hair, or big changes. Includes consultation, Aveda Stress relieving ritual, haircut, Blowdry & finishing touch. Recommended for new clients & transformations. If you have thick hair, this amount of time is perfect


Curly Cuts (Includes wash & styling/blow dry) For anyone with curly -coily hair includes Aveda Stress Relieving Ritual, Shampoo, Haircut, Blow Dry & Aveda finishing touch


Add on Thermal Styling $20

Blow Dry & Style $35-70

Special Occasion Style by consultation


New Growth Roots only 75-120

Color Balance / Shine Treatment All-over color 80-140+

Medium Shoulder Length Add-on 40

Long Shoulder-underarm Add-on 50

Extra Long Beyond Add-on 60+


Partial Hilight Dimensional Color 85-140+
Full Hilight Dimensional Color 100-150+

Highlights & Base Color 100-200+

Progressive Balayage Color (ombre/sombre) 150-200+

Double process & Color correction on consultation



One hundred percent plant & flower derived treatments to strengthen, protect, and beautify the hair and scalp. Improves damaged hair up to 84% with the power of quinoa protein and sugar beet derived amino acid, leaving strands strong, supple and healthy. Our stylists will help you choose the right treatment for your needs. Add this on to any service or a blow-dry.




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